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  • Obedience Training
  • Agility/Obstacle Course
  • Protection Training
  • Competitions
  • Specialty Courses
Basic Obedience

Sitting, staying, down, heeling, socializing, and temperament control (on 6ft lead).


Advanced Obedience

Providing that the dog has successfully completed the temperament control work, all advanced work will be done off of the 6ft lead.


Obstacle Course

Run through window, jump triple barrels, tunnel, distraction, and a-frame cat walk (all done on 6ft lead).


Advanced Obstacle Course

Providing that previous course has been completed successfully, all further obstacles will be done off of 6ft lead.


Basic Protection

Rag work, sleeve work (teaches the dog how to take a controlled bite only when told or threatened), bite and hold (teaches the dog how to bite and hold objects and release on direct command).


Advanced Protection

Suit work, persuit work, gun work, car jacking, home invasion, guarding the object, and search and seize.


Dog Competitions

After successfully completing both obedience training cources, both obstacle training courses, and both protection training coursesyou will have a complete dog and will be ready for competitions. This will allow you to compete for big money. Competitions consist of different scenarios such as, protection work, bark and hold, obedience, obstacle courses, run outs, and socialization; all which is taught by L.A. Master K-9.

Specialty Training

Weight Pull greypaw Tracking greypaw Body Guard
Man Stopper greypaw Problem Solving greypaw Socialization
Deaf Dog Training greypaw Training for Youth & Teens w/Dogs greypaw Competitions Training
Enhanced Techniques for the Dog Trainer Classes greypaw Other Custom & Specilty Training Upon Request greypaw Private in Home Training Upon Request

* Weekday & Weekend Training Available *